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For some, the pandemic meant a well-deserved break from action. For IONIC Edge Chassis Owner Kyle Luttrell, it offered a chance to work even harder. During the break, Kyle’s continued work on three different prototype IONIC Edge Chassis. Each of the three have already seen the racetrack, and they all have shown promise for success. 

When asked about his thoughts on the development, Kyle Luttrell said, “We have been very pleased with the results the different non traditional tube material yielded thus far. With the new designs and our top-tier IONIC Edge Chassis drivers, 2020 should be a great season.”



Reed Motorsports have been testing the first left engine mount chassis, nicknamed the IONIC Edge Reed Chassis. The “lefty” chassis has been undefeated in competition thus far, due in part to the fantastic drives put in by driver Camryn Reed.








Scott Racing have been testing the ambidextrous engine mount prototype chassis, nicknamed the IONIC Edge Scott Chassis. Scott Racing has been driving IONIC Edge Chassis for the past 4 years. Over that time, they’ve driven numerous different IONIC Edge designs, with great success.

Scott Racing Owner, Jeff Scott, said “The newly designed “switch“ chassis by far is the best chassis I’ve tested out of the box, and [it] will produce wins this season.” Scott Racing has a busy 2020 lineup ahead, planning to showcase the chassis up front at a number of CKNA and USAC Karting events, along with the Quincy and Rock Island GP. Scott Racing also plans to have a major local presence.









Skaggs Motorsports have been testing the traditional right engine mount prototype chassis, nicknamed the IONIC Edge Skaggs Chassis. In it’s only event thus far, the chassis qualified on the pole and was one of the quickest karts on track. Bad luck struck on the final lap while running second, but the Skaggs Chassis is much like the other IONIC Edge prototype chassis above — seeing lots of success in 2020 so far. 



If you’d like more information on our chassis and support, contact Kyle Luttrell at 404-516-8934 or kyle@luttrellracing.com.